HP Envy 7640 Scanner Setup

Scanning to your computer can be done, either through the printer displace or from the HP Envy 7640 scanner setup printer software on your desktop. Before starting the scanning procedure, check whether HP Envy 7640 scanner software has been installed and working perfectly on your system.

HP Envy 7640 Scan to email

HP Envy 7640 scanner setup provides you to do HP Envy 7640 scan to e-mail, in which it allows you to scan your photos or documents directly to your mail from your HP Envy 7640 Scanner.

  • Keep your print side document on the right front corner of the scanner glass.
  • Touch scan and then touch Email. On the control panel display, select the account that you need to use and touch continue.
  • Enter the PIN. Select the scan if it is a photo or document.
  • To add or remove recipients, touch modify recipients, and when finished touch Done for HP Envy 7640 scan to email.
  • Verify your email information and touch continue
  • Touch scan to email to do HP Envy 7640 scan to email
  • After scan completes touch OK. If need to send another email Touch yes or No to finish after HP Envy 7640 scanner setup.