How To Connect To HP Envy 5660

HP Envy 5660 is a multifunctional printer that provides print, scan, copy, and fax operations. It prints at the speed of 22 ppm and can print in both color and black and white. You have to install two cartridges, namely the black ink cartridge and the tri-color ink cartridge for printing or copying. Cartridges, power cord, USB cable, and the user manual are provided along with the printer at the time of purchase. Find simple steps for how to connect to HP Envy 5660 to your device.

How To Connect To HP Envy 5660 To Computer

  • The steps given below will help you establish a wired connection between your printer and the computer.
  • Check if the following requirements are available before you begin the setup process.
  • The HP printer should be turned on. You should have a USB cable for connecting the computer and the printer.
  • Check if there is a USB port on your computer and then proceed to the setup process.
  • Search for Devices on your Windows OS and then choose the Devices and Printers option.
  • Right-click on your printer and select the Remove Device option to remove the device from the list.
  • The next step of the procedure is to download the required driver and install it on your system.
  • The driver can be installed using the installation CD or can be downloaded from this site Envy 5660.
  • Always install Full-Feature driver to get access to all the features that your printer offers.
  • Next, give a double-click on the setup file to run it. Follow the prompts displayed.
  • When you are halfway through the installation process, you will be prompted to choose a connection method.
  • Select the USB connection method and plug in the USB cable between the computer and the HP printer.
  • Once the setup process of how to connect to HP Envy 5660 is complete, try to print, scan, or fax any document to check if you have established the connection properly.

How To Connect HP Envy 5660 To Laptop

  • Prior to the installation process, check if the wireless network is set up properly and working well.
  • Find the network name and password to enter it during the installation procedure.
  • If you are using the default name and password, then you can find the credentials at the back of the router.
  • Else, search for the documentation provided to you at the time of router purchase. It will contain the credentials.
  • Now, set up the printer on the wireless network by the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Tap the Wireless icon from the printer’s control panel.
  • Select Settings and choose the Wireless Settings option.
  • Press the Wireless Setup Wizard option and follow the instructions that are displayed on the control panel to finish the setup process.
  • Connect your laptop to the same wireless network as your printer. Once they are connected, you can start printing your files.
how to connect to hp envy 5660

How To Connect HP Envy 5660 Printer To Wifi

  • The below-given steps will help you for how to connect to HP Envy 5660 printer and computer through Wi-Fi direct.
  • Before connecting, check if the HP printer is turned on and the cartridges are installed properly.
  • Load plain papers of the same size in the main tray.

    HP Envy 5660 Connect To Wifi For WINDOWS:

  • Click the Setting option from the Start menu on your Windows OS and then choose the Printers & Scanners option.
  • Tap the Add a Printer or Scanner option. Select the Show W-Fi Direct Printers option.
  • Search for the printer that has the word Direct in it. Press the Power button of the printer.
  • Click the Add Device option on your computer. In the next prompt, you will be requested to enter a WPS PIN.
  • Go to your printer and look for the 8-digit PIN on the control panel.
  • Enter the PIN on your computer within 90 seconds and tap the Next option.
  • This will complete the setup.

    HP Envy 5660 Connect To Wifi For MAC:

  • Click the Wireless icon present on your Mac system. Choose the printer which has the word Direct included in its name.
  • Key in 12345678 as the password in the succeeding step to log in successfully.
  • Now, Open the document you want to print and then click the File tab.
  • Select the Print option to print the document successfully.

How To Connect HP Envy 5660 Printer To Mac

  • To connect your printer and the computer, you can make use of the HP Smart app.
  • As an initial step, install the HP Smart app on your Mac system.
  • After the installation is complete, open the app on your system by double-clicking on the app’s icon.
  • On the HP Smart app home screen, you should select your printer and then choose Printer Settings.
  • If the Print Anywhere option is displayed under the Services or Options tab, it means that the feature is supported.
  • Enable the Print anywhere feature.
  • First, check if your printer and computer are connected to the wireless network.
  • Click the Printer Settings option from the home screen of the app.
  • Select Printer Home Page (EWS) and then choose the Web Services option.
  • If Web services is enabled, you can see the Summary, Print Info Page, Proxy Settings, and Remove Web Services options on the panel.
  • In case it is not enabled, then the Setup option will be listed under it. Select the Setup option and follow the instructions to set it up.
  • Go to the Print Info Page where you can find the Printer Code there.
  • Navigate to the HP Smart Setting screen and then select the Print Anywhere option.
  • Click the Sign in option and create an account or log in with your existing account’s credentials.
  • The Print Anywhere feature is now enabled.
  • To print a document, select the Print tile on the app and choose the document you want to print. Find more solution regarding how to connect to HP Envy 5660 printer by connect with our tech experts now.