HP Envy 7640 Fax Setup

123 HP Envy 7640 printer has fax feature to send and receive faxes including color faxes. From the printer control panel, user can set a number of fax options, such as resolution and the contrast between lightness and darkness on the faxes you send after HP Envy 7640 fax setup.

How to fax on HP Envy 7640

  • To fax from the printer control panel, load your document print side in to the document feeder. Touch fax and send now on printer control panel, enter the fax number and touch black or color to send fax using printer control panel.
  • To fax from your computer, open the document, on the file menu click print. From the Name list select the printer that has fax. To select blackem> or color fax click properties and save your preferences. Click print or OK, enter the fax number then click send fax.
  • To fax from your phone, load your print side document in the document feeder. Dial the fax number on your phone connected to the printer. From printer control panel touch fax and then touch send fax when your document is ready to send touch black or color.
  • To receive fax, make sure your printer is turned on, paper loaded in the main tray. Remove any originals from the document feeder. When you hear fax tones, touch fax, touch send and receive and then touch receive now.
  • The received faxes that are not printed are stored in memory. To reprint faxes in memory, load paper in the main tray. Touch fax and then touch reprint in printer control panel for HP Envy 7640 fax setup.
  • Close the scanner lid and follow onscreen prompts to start the cartridge alignment process

HP Envy 7640 fax setup

HP Envy 7640 duplex printing

HP Envy 7640 duplex printing can be done automatically by using automatic two-sided printing mechanism called duplexer.

  • Select print, click the properties dialog box. On layout tab, select Portrait or Landscape orientation, and select flip on short edge or flip on long edge from print on both sides drop down list.
  • Select appropriate paper type from media drop down list in the tray selection area on the paper or quality tab. Select appropriate print quality in the quality settings.
  • Click Advanced button, select appropriate paper size from the paper size drop down list in th paper or output. Click Ok to print for HP Envy 7640 duplex printing. Thus HP Envy 7640 supports both HP Envy 7640 fax setup and duplex printing options