Guide For 8710 And Installation

Start the 8710 printer setup by unboxing it. Take the new printer out of the package and remove all the protective tapes from it. Use the power cable to connect the printer to the electrical outlet and then turn it on. Load paper into the input tray, and insert the ink cartridges into the respective slots. On your system, install the print driver from the setup CD that came with your printer package or download it from the official site. 8710

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Manual

The HP Officejet Pro 8710 printer manual includes instructions for printer setup and various troubleshooting methods. The user guide is delivered along with the printer package, but if have you missed it, then you can download the driver from the official site 8710. The user guide is available in the PDF format in online so, make sure that your system has a PDF reader installed.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Drivers

A printer driver is a software which enables communication between the printer & the computer by converting the data from the computer to the print format that the printer can understand. Install the print driver from the CD supplied with your printer, or download it from the official site 8710. Otherwise, click the link given below to download the driver in one click.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Setup

The basic printer setup can be done easily. Initially, unbox the printer completely. Load a paper into the input tray and insert the ink cartridges in the respective slots. Power on the printer and the computer. Install the print driver software on the computer using the CD or after downloading it from the official site.

Install HP Officejet Pro 8710

  • The first step is to download the HP Officejet 8710 printer driver from the manufacturer’s site.
  • You can also make use of the Driver Download link on the website to get the driver. Click the link to download the driver. After downloading, the setup file will be available in your Downloads folder.
  • If you are using a Windows system, the setup file is in .exe. If you are a Mac user, the file format is in .dmg.
  • Based on the operating system, click the link given below to begin the download process. Before installing the driver, ensure to clear all the unused files in various folders of your system.
  • Try to delete them to avoid installation of corrupted files. It is suggested to scan the system for viruses before the installation starts.
  • During the installation process, choose the mode of connection as USB, Wired or Wireless. Once the installation completes, try to print from the printer.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 USB Connection

A USB cable is used to connect the printer and the computer within a short distance. Use a USB cable that is less than 3 meters long. You can also use the Ethernet cable to connect the printer to a network.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Wired Connection

  • Wired network connection for the HP Officejet Pro 8710 printer requires the printer to be connected to the system with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Before you begin the 8710 connection process, check if the cable is in working condition. The Ethernet cable has two terminals.
  • One terminal of the cable should be connected to the printer’s rear and the other end to the system’s rear.
  • For the Mac system, after the connection, add the printer name to the list by clicking the + sign.
  • In case of Windows system, the printer name is visible after linking the cable.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Ink Refill

  • When the Cartridge Depleted message appears on the printer’s control panel, you have to replace or refill the cartridge.
  • Refilling is cost efficient and gives higher output, but the quality cannot be assured as in genuine ink cartridges.
  • Pull open the cartridge access door of the printer. You have to wait patiently till the carriage slides to one end of the printer.
  • Next, remove the cartridge that has to be refilled.
  • Find the exit port of the cartridge and place the syringe in it. Pull up the plunger of the syringe to remove excess air from the cartridge.
  • Now carefully open the Refill bottle and fill the ink into the syringe.
  • Position the syringe at the exit port.
  • Push the plunger inward to fill the cartridge with ink.
  • The new ink should be filled back in the syringe. Place the cartridge in its slot and close the access door.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Ink Replacement

  • Ink cartridge replacement is needed when your cartridges are low on ink or out of ink.
  • The below-specified instructions will tell you how to replace a cartridge.
  • The first step of 8710 procedure is to turn on the HP Officejet 8710 printer.
  • Open the cartridge access door present in the front portion of the printer.
  • Wait till the carriage moves to the other side and becomes idle.
  • Push the cartridge that you want to remove and take it out of the carriage. Keep it aside for recycling.
  • Check if you have purchased genuine HP ink cartridges of HP Instant Ink cartridges.
  • Unpack the new cartridge from its package. Hold it by its sides.
  • Take care not to touch the copper-colored electrical contacts or the ink port since this might lead to unwanted issues.
  • Place the cartridge in the respective slot and push it firmly.
  • Close the cartridge access door of the HP printer and take a test print.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Ink Reset


  • Remove the color cartridge and the black cartridge from its slot and keep it aside.
  • Tap the Power button to turn on your printer. Wait patiently for 20 seconds and then turn it off.
  • The HP printer should remain switched off. This should be repeated for at least five times.
  • Doing this will erase the ink cartridge identification information from the printer.
  • Install the cartridges again and take a test print.


  • Resetting the printer will also reset the ink cartridges.
  • Pull open the cartridge access door of your HP printer and wait till the carriage moves to one side of the printer.
  • Keep pressing the printer’s Power button for 30 seconds and then release it.
  • Now, plug in the HP printer to the power supply and reinstall the 8710 ink cartridges.

How To Print From HP Officejet Pro 8710

  • Open the document you want to print on your computer.
  • Now, you will see File or the Menu icon on the top of the window, click on it.
  • You can edit the document before performing the print operation in the Document Properties or Printing Preference option.
  • The Document Properties or Printing Preference option comes under the general print settings menu.
  • Click the Print option to unlock the general print settings.
  • Adjust the text, font, size, and change the layout as per your need.
  • After editing the document as per your need, click the Apply option and then the OK button.
  • The changes you have made in the document or photo will be saved as soon as you click the OK button.
  • Now, turn on your printer.
  • Check if the input tray has enough paper in it and the ink cartridge is full.
  • Finally, click Print. The printer will start to print your document.

How To Print Color On HP Officejet Pro 8710

  • Unlock the document to be printed on your computer.
  • Click the Print menu and select the Printer properties menu.
  • You have to click the Paper/Quality or Features tab to select the color printing.
  • Click Advanced, select the Print in Grayscale, and choose a Color option.
  • Click the OK button, and then tap Print.
  • The printer starts to print the document.
hp officejet pro 8710 print color

How To Print Envelopes On HP Officejet Pro 8710

  • The 8710 procedure below will guide you through printing envelopes on your HP Officejet Pro 8710.
  • Turn on the printer and wait till it remains idle.
  • Pull the input tray outwards gently. The tray unit gets detached from the machine.
  • You will be able to see an adjusting material inside the tray, which is nothing but the paper width guides. Slide them apart to an extent.
  • If you have already fed paper into the tray, make sure you remove them.
  • Before you feed the envelopes, make sure you align them by taping on a flat surface gently.
  • Close the flap of the envelope and feed them with the side to be printed facing down.
  • Push the guides towards the envelope and check if they are secured firmly.
  • Now set the print preferences from your PC. Make sure you select the Envelopes option in the Style menu and start printing.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Double-Sided Scanning

  • The HP 8710 comes with the automatic duplex scanning feature. Scroll below to know its procedure.
  • Load the original document into the ADF which is nothing but the document feeder.
  • Locate the 8710 printer icon on your home screen of the computer and select it.
  • The page appears with various printing/scanning/copying/faxing options using which you can modify the print settings as per your needs.
  • Now, choose the Scan a document option and select the Save as PDF option.
  • Modify the preferences from the Scan Settings.
  • Select the Use Document Feeder if Loaded option and enable the Two-Sided option.
  • Validate the preferences done by clicking the OK button, and the printer performs the scanning operation.

HP Officejet 8710 Fax Setup

  • Purchase a telephone cord, else make use of the one that was supplied with your Officejet Pro 8710 printer.
  • Confirm that the cord which you are going to use has two wire lead connectors and not four.
  • Plug the telephone cord to the phone wall jack and the 1-LINE jack that is located at the rear of the Officejet Pro 8710 printer.
  • If you wish to use an answering machine, plug the telephone cord to it.
  • Attach the other end of the telephone cord to the 2-EXT jack available at the back of the Officejet Pro 8710 printer.
  • Now, initialize the fax settings and preferences on the printer’s touch display.
  • To ensure that the fax setup has been done correctly, locate and tap the Run Fax Test or Fax Test Report in the 8710 or Fax window.

HP Officejet Pro 8710 Factory Reset

To begin the factory reset, first, turn the printer ON. Scroll the printer screen and touch the Support menu. Select the Reset option and then touch the OK button at the bottom of the screen. Select the Semi-Full Reset option and press the OK button. The printer will start to power down. Leave the printer powered off for a while. Turn on the printer by pressing the Power button. Now, try to print a test page to verify if the issue has been resolved.

How To Reset HP Officejet Pro 8710

  • Resetting the Officejet Pro 8710 printer is primarily done to fix the issues that occur in the printer.
  • The procedure on how to reset the printer is listed below. Power On your Officejet Pro 8710 printer.
  • Wait for at least two to three minutes until the printer does not produce any noise.
  • With the Officejet Pro 8710 printer switched On, remove the electrical cord from its rear side.
  • Detach the other end of the cord from the power outlet. Do not proceed for at least ten to thirty seconds.
  • Now reattach the cord between the Officejet Pro 8710 printer and the socket or outlet.
  • Make sure not to use an extension cord or a strip for setting the power connection.
  • Now, force press the Officejet Pro 8710 printer’s Power button to switch it On; this ends the reset process.
hp officejet pro 8710 reset

How To Connect HP Officejet Pro 8710 To My Computer

  • Unbox your printer from the package.
  • Remove all the tape, stickers, and materials from the printer. Open the input tray and remove the material.
  • Connect the printer to the electrical outlet.
  • Now the LED lights on the printer’s control panel will flash. The lights indicate that the printer is in the ready state.
  • Load papers properly into the input tray. Open the cartridge access door.
  • Remove the ink cartridge from the box. Make sure to remove the orange tapes from the ink cartridge.
  • Insert the cartridges correctly to its appropriate slot. The tri-color ink cartridge goes into the left slot and the black ink cartridge into the right slot.
  • Install the printer software on your computer.

How To Connect HP Officejet Pro 8710 To A Laptop

  • Turn on your laptop and router.
  • To connect 8710 printer to your laptop, You need a network name, password.
  • Connect the laptop to the same network to which you have connected the printer. Disconnect the USB cable before you start the setup.
  • The printer and router should not be placed far from each other; this may break the network connection.
  • You should install the driver on your laptop. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To connect your laptop to wireless connection use Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Touch the wireless setting and Tap Wireless Setup Wizard. Now the list of networks will be displayed. Select the network name which is yours from the list of available network.
  • Click the OK button.
  • To connect your Mac laptop to the printer over a wireless network, you should know the network name and password.
  • Touch the wireless icon on the printers control panel and then select the Wireless Menu icon.
  • Select the network name from the available list. Wait for the printer to connect to the network.
  • Install the correct software to your device. Follow the instructions of the installer to complete the wireless setup.

Connect HP Officejet pro 8710 To Mac

  • Unbox the new printer completely and place it on a table.
  • Use a power cable that came with the printer to connect it to the wall outlet and the computer.
  • Now, switch on the printer and wait for it to reach the ready state.
  • On your Mac system, click the Apple icon near the Finder option.
  • Select the System Preferences option.
  • In the System Preferences dialog box, choose the Print & Scan option under the hardware section.
  • Click the Plus sign in the Print & Scan window.
  • Enter the name of the printer in the dialog box displayed. Click the Add button. The new printer will be added to the list.
  • Install the print driver software on your Mac.
  • To do it, open the manufacturer’s site using your browser, enter the printer detail like model number, and click the Begin button.
  • Choose your operating system and version from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Download button in the Driver Product installation section.
  • Open the driver software on your Mac device and go with the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the installation of 8710.